What is the maximum number of LinkedIn connection requests I can send?

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  • What is the maximum number of LinkedIn connection requests I can send?


Article updated: 15.01.2024  by Author: Igor V.

LinkedIn recently added a new restriction to connection requests. This fundamentally alters how you should prospect and network.

Linkedin Connection Limit

Here are the answers to all of your LinkedIn connection request limit questions:

1. How many Linkedin connection requests may I send?

2. How many LinkedIn connections are you capable of sending every day?

3. What should you do if you reach the LinkedIn invitation limit?

4. How can I get around the LinkedIn connection request limitation?

5. What is the impact of the connection request limit?

1How many Linkedin connection limit may I send?

Each week, you can send approximately 100 connection requests. That equates to 20 invitations per day. This limit is not strictly enforced.

It will be determined by: 

1. Your daily activities

2. The amount of connections you have

3. Your account's age

This constraint is quite new. It has only been in operation since June 2021. Previously, each LinkedIn member could send up to 100 connection requests every day (500-700 hundred per week). Many people began to encounter the warning "You've hit the weekly invitation limit" throughout the summer of 2021.

Reached weekly invitation limit

Because the weekly prospecting capacity has been divided by 7, this modification has had a significant impact on how people prospect.

2. How many LinkedIn connections limit are you capable of sending every day?

On average, you can submit up to 20 connection requests every day. This is not a fixed amount because LinkedIn imposes a weekly limit rather than a daily limit. 

Assume you have the ability to send up to 100 connection (Scrupp can more) requests every week. You can submit 60 connection requests daily, then 10 per day for the remainder of the week. It is the number of connection requests you submit per week that is important.

3. What should you do if you reach the LinkedIn invitation limit?

If you have reached the LinkedIn invitation limit:

1. Delay sending invitations for 2-3 days

2. After 2-3 days, send a couple manual connection requests

3. Restart your automation program if the manual connection request was successful

You should always perform a manual test before relaunching your LinkedIn automation software!

4. How can I get around the LinkedIn connection request limitation?

If you use technologies like LaGrowthMachine, you can deliver up to 100 invitations every day. This program lets you simply get around weekly linkedin connection limit. They employ the email invite tool to raise the capacity of your connection requests.

Using the LinkedIn email addresses associated with their accounts, you can issue connection requests to other users. To submit a connection request through email, navigate to My Network > More Options below Add Personal contact.

Submitting connection request through email

Following that, you'll have a choice of several options, including:

1. Invite your email contact list

2. Email addresses should be copied and pasted

3. Submit a CSV

Inviting email contact list

Once you have added the emails, LinkedIn will display all of the matching profiles. All of the contacts you want to connect with must be chosen manually.

If you have a large number of people to contact, this process is extremely time-consuming. This procedure can be automated with tools such as LaGrowthMachine. n order to save you time, they also quickly locate the people's LinkedIn email addresses.

5. What is the impact of the Linkedin connection limit?

You have just 100 bullets per week. Instead of communicating with random people, you should invest some time explicitly identifying your targets. Assume you're creating a 500-line lead list. If it contains 200 ineligible leads, you will spend two business weeks contacting people who are not in your key audience.

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one thing you can perform to boost the precision of your lead list. It is far more effective than the basic Linkedin search engine and allows you to create a prospecting target lead and profile list.

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator filters

Furthermore, as more individuals use LinkedIn for outreach, bulk messaging people is plainly no longer effective. 70% of the job is determining who will receive your message. Finding the appropriate words will be simple if you know you're speaking to the right individuals. Finding your prospects' emails is a terrific approach to contacting them immediately without sending a connection request.

Why does LinkedIn have a restriction, on the number of connection requests?

The reason for this limitation is to ensure that the network maintains its quality and professionalism. LinkedIn aims to encourage business relationships and collaborations than becoming a platform for mindless mass networking. This limitation serves purposes;

1. Reducing Spam; By limiting the number of connection requests it helps prevent spam and ensures that connections are more likely to be meaningful.

2. Promoting Thoughtful Networking; With a limit, in place users are encouraged to send requests to individuals they genuinely want to connect with resulting in an valuable network.

3. Preserving Platform Integrity; By preventing mass connection requests LinkedIn maintains its reputation as a networking site focused on facilitating high quality interactions.

Limit on the number of connections on LinkedIn

Here are the answers to all of your LinkedIn connection limit questions:

1. How many connections on LinkedIn are permitted?

2. Is it possible to have more than 30,000 LinkedIn connections?

3. What should you do if you reach your LinkedIn connection limit?

1. How many connections on LinkedIn are permitted?

On LinkedIn, you are allowed a maximum of 30,000 contacts. When you reach this threshold, "Follow" will be the only option displayed on your account, and sending connection requests will no longer be available.

2. Is it possible to have more than 30,000 LinkedIn connections?

No. On LinkedIn, the maximum number of first-degree connections you can have is 30,000, however, you are allowed an infinite number of followers.

Profile on LinkedIn with many followers

Users will be able to read and comment on your post but not send you messages through LinkedIn. You can open another LinkedIn profile if you wish to have more than 30,000 connections.


1. Why does LinkedIn have a connection request limit?

  • Answer: The limit ensures the platform's integrity, encouraging users to make thoughtful and genuine connections rather than mass networking, which helps maintain LinkedIn as a professional networking site.

2. Can the LinkedIn connection limit be increased?

  • Answer: LinkedIn does not usually offer the option to increase this limit as it applies universally to encourage responsible use of the network.

3. What are the consequences of exceeding the LinkedIn connection limit?

  • Answer: Exceeding the limit can result in temporary restrictions on your account, including a temporary halt on your ability to send further connection requests.

4. Does LinkedIn penalize users for sending too many connection requests?

  • Answer: If a significant number of your requests are ignored or marked as spam, LinkedIn may limit or restrict your account to prevent spammy behavior.

5. How important is personalizing connection requests on LinkedIn?

  • Answer: Personalizing requests significantly increases the chances of acceptance and establishes a foundation for a meaningful professional relationship.

Author: Valeria / Updated 16 june