How to contact with Linkedin event members with no limits [2024 tips]

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  • How to contact with Linkedin event members with no limits [2024 tips]


I am glad that you have opened this guide, so you will learn how to find professional events, and contact Linkedin event members for free. This technic is very popular in close circles of salespeople to find prospects.

Today, you will understand, that with this hack you can unlimitedly send messages to the right people for free, without a Premium subscription.

Ok, let's start!


  1. How to find events.
  2. Linkedin events members search with different filters.
  3. Export filtered people to CRM or other tools.
  4. Send free messages.


How to find events?

Type a search request to find events in your niche. 


Click the Events tab to switch results.




You will see the list of events by search request "Sales Linkedin" in my option. 




Click Register and provide your email to get a notification before the event starts.




After registration, you will be able to see all Attendees of the event. 

Remember that the maximum number of members will be right before the event.




Linkedin events members search with different filters.

Linkedin redirects you to the search page with a current event. Here you can use all filters, like in a regular Linkedin search. I filtered by United States location in this case.




Export filtered people to CRM or other tools.

After filtering you will get your target audience, which you can export by tools like Scrupp.

Click to the yellow button to start export and select the list, number of contacts to take, and launch export.

After the extraction you will get the list of prospects with all data, you can use it to select the necessary leads.



In Scrupp you can use additional filters like in Linkedin Recruiter or Sales Navigator (by skills, experience, years in the last position etc.) and collect sort, and export prospects to Csv/Xlsx file for integration with any other tools (CRM, automation, etc) 



Also, you can find valid professional emails and reach prospects by using several channels (emails, messages, connect requests).


Send free messages.

Happy to say, that now you can contact all these people even if you riched a weekly limit on your account.

This audience is open to direct messaging, so you can send offers directly and don't spend Invites or In-Mails.




You can import CSV file with prospects to Linkedin auto messaging tool and it will do all jobs without your participation or send messages manually. 



As you can see, there are many ways to go beyond Linkedin limits and use the social network professionally while saving on a premium subscription.

Author: Valeria / Updated 24 may