Supercharge Your Sales Prospecting

Export high-quality leads from Sales Navigator & Linkedin with accurate contact info, and instantly enrich them with professional emails.
Fully integrated with: Sales Navigator & Linkedin

What will you get

Clean lists from Sales Navigator you can use for email campaigns, importing to CRMs, and any other tools and apps

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Speed Fast Fast Medium Medium Slow
Data Full Data Full Data Medium Full Data Full Data
Email Finder Included Included Included Included Not included
Search by skills Included - - - -
Scraping locked profiles Included - - - -
Number of pages Unlimited Depends how many credits Limited Limited Limited
Scraping Price from 10$ / 10000 leads 29$ / 2000 leads 49$ / 1000 leads 42$ / 500 leads $59
Email Price from 20$ / 4000 emails 49$ / 2000 emails 49$ / 1000 emails 99$ / 1000 emails $69 / 500 emails
One of the best tool and Linkedin Scrapping App. LVING IT. 100% Recommended
Very user-friendly and decent UI, amazing tool for extracting data from Linkedin and sales navigator, simple to use.
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Need some more information to get started?

  • How to export leads from Linkedin and Sales Navigator?

    Sales Navigator allows you to find prospects by a batch of different criteria. After filtering and finding your target group you can export it with one click. Scrupp does all the work of extracting, cleaning, and enriching your Sales leads.

    How many leads can I extract?

    There is no limits in Scrupp, but we recommend to extract up to 10000 leads/day.

    Does Scrupp work with basic Linkedin?

    Yes we support basic Linkedin, but it has limits about 100 leads per day.

    Can I connect several Linkedin accounts?

    You can connect only one account if you buy Unlimited package. For other packages there is no limits for accounts.

    How much time does the extraction take?

    Scrupp is the fastest scraper on the market. Scraping of 2500 leads can take up to 10 minutes and this is completely safe.

    Do you find email addresses?

    Yes. Scrupp find professional verified email addresses.

    Is it work emails?

    All emails are personal work emails like The tool is designed for B2B - you won't get any here.

    How long does the free trial last?

    You get 1000 exports / 50 Email credits to try Scrupp.

    How do I receive the results of my extraction?

    A CSV file containing the results is directly sent to your email. You can also download the results within the platform.
  • What is the difference in month and apiece packages?

    In monthly packages, we charge a payment each month and update your monthly credits.
    If you buy credits apiece, the credits will be with you for a lifetime period.

    Should I pay for open Linkedin emails

    No. All open prospect data is free.

    Can I make refund?

    Yes. Read here details about refund policy.
  • Is it safe for my LinkedIn Account to use Scrupp?

    Yes. Scrupp use batch method to get data and enrich it from own sources.

    Is Scrupp GDPR compliant?

    Yes, Scrupp is GDPR compliant. We provide live data from the web and don't use external databases or personal user data.