How Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Boolean Search Work? (Tutorial 2023)

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Article updated 10.01.2024 by Author: Igor V.

Does Sales Navigator provide a boolean search? Yes, Sales Navigator boolean search provides the ability to search by company size or keyword.

Here you will discover how to identify your prospects and cut down on the quantity of unsuitable leads in your search results by using the LinkedIn Boolean Search Sales Navigator in this guide.

Elevating Lead Generation with Strategic Keyword Utilization in LinkedIn Boolean Search Sales Navigator

Harnessing the potential of LinkedIn Sales Navigator through strategic keyword deployment is pivotal for amplifying your business outreach and augmenting lead acquisition. Here are nuanced strategies for sophisticated keyword utilization:

  1. Demographic Deciphering: Prior to deploying keywords, it's crucial to decipher the demographics of your intended audience. Comprehending their search habits enables you to pinpoint the most pertinent keywords for your campaign.
  2. Profile Keyword Integration: Ensure your LinkedIn profile is a beacon for search engines by weaving relevant keywords into your headline, synopsis, and career history.
  3. Content Enrichment with Keywords: Embed keywords within your posts and updates to escalate the visibility of your offerings. This strategy broadens your reach to individuals aligned with your services or products.
  4. Search Criteria Optimization in LinkedIn Boolean Search Sales Navigator: Leverage keywords in Sales Navigator's search function to unearth potential leads. Tailor your search using parameters such as job designations, industry sectors, geographical locations, and more.
  5. Result Monitoring: Vigilantly monitor the outcomes of your keyword strategies. Should the expected results remain elusive, consider recalibrating your keywords or pivoting to an alternative demographic focus.

Utilizing keywords with finesse on LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a conduit to connecting with your intended demographic and enhancing lead generation for your enterprise.

In LinkedIn Sales Navigator, keyword exploration can be bifurcated into:

  • The overarching keyword exploration
  • The specific inquiry for current professional titles

1. The general keyword LinkedIn Boolean Search

At the heart of LinkedIn lies its formidable search mechanism, a tool enabling users to delve into a myriad of entities such as individuals, enterprises, vocations, and intellectual content, all through the utilization of keywords. This elemental yet potent feature facilitates users in swiftly locating requisite information and establishing connections with prospective acquaintances.

To embark on a keyword quest within LinkedIn, users are merely required to input a keyword or a phrase into the search bar perched at the zenith of the webpage. Post this initiation, LinkedIn Boolean Search unveils a plethora of results resonating with the input keyword, encompassing user profiles, publications, discourses, and employment opportunities. These outcomes can be meticulously honed utilizing filters like geographical locale, sector of industry, and echelon of expertise.

LinkedIn Boolean Search

2. The current job title LinkedIn Boolean Search

Only your keywords will be used in the current job title search to examine your candidates' prior employment histories.

Employment history filters on Sales Navigator

To utilize Sales Navigator boolean search successfully, you must be familiar with all of the following boolean queries:

  1. Look for phrases enclosed in quotes
  2. Use AND to search for several terms
  3. Use OR to search for at least one term
  4. Use NOT to exclude keywords
  5. Use parenthesis to join boolean queries

1. Look for phrases enclosed in quotes

Quotes make it possible to look for specific words or phrases like:

- A few words

- Punctuation

If you're looking for a phrase with many words, place the phrase within quotation marks. For example:

“Marketing Manager”

“IT Specialist”

“Sales Representative”

If you do not include the quotation marks around Marketing Manager, LinkedIn will search for "Marketing AND Manager."

Current job title filter on Sales Navigator

In the screenshot above, you can see that certain search results are irrelevant.

However, if I put quotation marks around "Marketing Manager," the results will be exactly what you're searching for.

Using quotation marks in filter

You can easily see the distinction between adding and forgetting the quotations now.

This is critical if you want to generate qualified lead lists and prevent contacting people who are not your key audience.

2. Use AND to LinkedIn Boolean Search for several terms

If you wish to look for profiles that have two or more keywords, use AND to split them.

For example, IT AND Marketing

Keywords connected with AND

If you enter two terms without quotation marks, the search tool will believe they are connected by an AND.

3. Use OR to LinkedIn Boolean Search for at least one term

You can use OR to divide the terms you wish to search for in order to identify profiles that contain one or more of them.

When looking for similar-sounding phrases or different spellings, OR is most frequently employed.

For example,“Vice President” OR “V.P.”

LinkedIn Boolean Search

4. Use NOT to exclude keywords

If you wish to omit a specific term from your filter, write NOT before it. Any account that contains that keyword will be excluded from your search results. For example, Director NOT Executive NOT Sales.

Keywords connected with NOT

5. Use parenthesis to join boolean queries

If you want to do a complex search, you can combine terms and modifiers.

For example, Assistant AND (Marketing OR Sales). This will look for profile containing:

Assistant AND Marketing 

Assistant AND Sales.

How Can Your LinkedIn Boolean Search Sales Navigator Be Exported?

After you've finished your boolean search in LinkedIn Boolean Search Sales Navigator and have your prospects list, you may extract the leads from Sales Navigator to a CSV using Scrupp.

In addition, Scrupp will:

1. Verify that your boolean has been properly applied by Linkedin by checking each profile twice.

2. Remove emojis and capital letters from names: people like to add emojis and capital letters to their names. Scrupp removes the garbage from the data so that you can use cleaned names in your CRM and cold outreach efforts.

This concludes our tutorial on boolean search in LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

How do I search for keywords on Sales Navigator?

To embark upon a journey of keyword discovery in LinkedIn Boolean Search Sales Navigator, a series of steps beckons:

  1. Commence by accessing your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account.
  2. Navigate to the "Leads" section, found within the menu bar.
  3. Enter your desired keywords in the search bar – these could range from a company's moniker, a specific job title, or a particular skillset.
  4. To tailor your search results even more precisely, employ the filters located on the screen's left side. These allow you to delineate criteria such as geographic locale, industry type, company magnitude, and additional parameters.
  5. Execute your search by clicking the "Search" button and observe the results that align with your criteria.

It is crucial to note that Sales Navigator is a premium service under LinkedIn's umbrella, necessitating an active subscription for utilization.

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