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Scrupp Ambassador Terms

Self-referrals are not allowed.

Conversions are tracked through your ambassador link provided by our ambassador tracking software, First Promoter.

We offer a 60-day cookie life. In other words, if they purchase over the next 60 days by clicking on your link you will be counted as the ambassador for that purchase.

Any misuse or violation of ambassador terms will get your account terminated.

You will genuinely promote Scrupp to your audience and network for our mutual benefit.

Conversions will be counted once your referral becomes a paid customer. Free trial users are not counted as conversions – or refunded within our 7-days money back guarantee.

Payouts will be made on the 15th of each month for the previous month’s earnings.

We will review all disputes on a good faith basis and Scrupp decision will be final in case of any disputes.