How to Get Valid Emails From Linkedin Sales Navigator [2024 tips]?

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I am glad that you have opened this guide, so you will learn how easy to get emails from the Linkedin Sales Navigator in a few seconds with the help of Scrupp. Moreover, you will understand why withdrawing emails right from Linkedin SN is not the best option to create an email list. However, using an email finder that gets all emails with algorithms and testing is much easier. 


Table of Content

1. Where Can I Find Emails on Linkedin Sales Navigator?

2. The Right Way to Get Emails From Linkedin Sales Navigator

3. Why Scraping Emails from Linkedin Sales Navigator Do Not Necessarily a Good Idea

4. Where Can I Find Emails on Linkedin Sales Navigator?


Where Can I Find Emails on Linkedin Sales Navigator?

It is not hard to get emails from Linkedin Sales Navigator from your profile. 

Nevertheless, you should understand that for 1rst and 2nd/3rd Degree connections, it’s unlike procedure.

As for 1rst Degree Connections

Phone numbers and emails can be found in the contact info of the Linkedin profiles

Anyway,  if you want to have access to all the data you need to be connected directly to a certain person. It will only be available as soon as somebody has decided to share them with his/her connections.


In addition to this, on Linkedin we want to reach out to those we are not connected with, those are people with 2nd and 3rd Degree Connections, let`s talk about them.


As for 2nd and 3rd Degree Connections

The detection rate is much lower for these connections. Only when the person you want to connect with has decided to make him/her public, you will see the contact information. Probably not many people do that because most of them offer their data to businesses.

If you ask me: “How should I get the emails that I can’t find on Sales Navigator?” - You need to use a special tool - SN email finder like our Scrupp.


The Right Way to Get Emails From Linkedin Sales Navigator

Now it`s time to talk about how you can get emails from Linkedin SN with the help of a professional email finder tool. For this job it`s all that you need:


-        First name

-        Last name

-        Domain name/website


In this way, you can look for the email pattern and do some tests. Firstly, you should find the necessary information about the email on Linkedin. It can easily be done in two acts.


1st: Export Names and Websites from Linkedin SN

Start by downloading the Scrupp · Bulk Scraper & Email Finder and create your account.

As soon as it is installed, there will become visible a new button on your Sales Navigator: “Scrupp Export”. Click on it to export your search results.


After the click, the button will open the Chrome extension Scrupp. After that, you should provide a name to your extraction and click “Run export”.

The estimated date time will depend on the size of your extraction. Important to scrape Linkedin at an acceptable pace if you don`t want your account to be restricted. When your extraction has finished, you can download the file here with just one click.

In the file which you downloaded, you can find all the data, which needs the email finder to do it’s job (first name, last name, domain name/website)

You are also likely to have useful information like:

  • Position
  • Linkedin URL
  • Company name, link, domain
  • And other…

In addition, the email finder gets clean information as Scrupp will free from all unnecessary emojis in the names and bring them to a standard condition, which increases the probability to find the right email. To see if the final results are equal to your filters, Scrupp will also double-check them all.

It`s a well-known fact that there are often unrelated profiles in your search results, so Scrupp automatically detects them which will ease your work. 

Finally, let`s get emails with all the information you just extracted from Linkedin Sales Navigator.

2nd: Launch Scrupp Email Finder

As you already have the file, press on “Find Emails”

Then press on “Enrich Leads''. You can select to improve all the leads or only those that Scrupp algorithm double-checked. Then, the email will be added directly to your file. Finally, you can find them. Now you know why it is a better technique, than extracting emails from SN


Why Scraping Emails from Linkedin Sales Navigator is not Always a Good Idea?

We suppose that it is the best option to get emails from a Linkedin sales navigator, because of some reasons. 


Firstly: Personal emails

If you are looking for EU citizens using personal emails, you reveal your business to a sum that can go up to a certain percent of your annual turnover. Besides, it`s not the best option to use his/her personal information for business prospecting. 


Secondly: Outdated emails

In the contact, details section added the email that is given when you create your profile. With time there are more chances that the email can be outdated.


Thirdly: Unverified emails

People usually check if the email exists, so they send requests to special servers. 

If you owe a lot of emails that don’t exist, the email finder will think that you are a spammer. Besides, then your profile will not show in the main inbox of your prospects.

If you still want to use emails from the Linkedin SN, make sure to upload them on a special tool, which firstly will check the validity of your email addresses.


So, you should make certain that every email address you have is valid or cath-all( that gathers all the emails to your website name) to protect your email efficiency.


Thank you for your attention, we hope that this information helped you to get email addresses from the Linkedin sales navigator!

Author: Valeria / Updated 24 may