How to contact with Linkedin group members without limits [2024 tips]

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If you are not new to our blog, you should know a few hacks, how to evaluate Linkedin limits, and contact 500+ prospects per week.

Now, I want to show examples, of how to get the right people in Linkedin groups and send them free messages without limits.

Let's get started:


  1. How to find Groups on Linkedin.
  2. How to scrap group Members without limits.
  3. How to Find needed people by boolean search and enrich data in Scrupp
  4. How to export filtered lists and connects with auditory.


How to find Groups on Linkedin.

Ok, first of all, we find target groups with our auditory.

Type a request in the main Linkedin search inbox and click to the Group tab to switch search results.



You see the list with groups. 

Popular groups have a lot of members, but auditory is very different and you need time to grab these contacts to Scrupp. Try to find local or more professional groups before you start to scrap it.



Click to join the group. It takes time to get approval from admins and sometimes they don't approve you, for different reasons.

Of cause it depends on how professional view your profile has. The more professional the group, the more criteria they have for the quality of connected members.


How to scrape group Members without limits.

First of all, I wanna ask you a question, can you scrap members, if you are not connected in a specific group? 

No, unfortunately. You should be in a group, and sometimes group admins don't want to accept you, because you are out of specification, if they manually check every member title. Anyway, if you are in, you can easily add a group to Scrupp and parse all members to it.


If you use Sales Navigator, you can filter search results by Group and export results to the Scrupp application.

Otherwise, continue via Scrupp and get all group members.

1. Open the Group section in Scrupp.



Here will be your own list of groups, where you can control members' parsing.


2. Click Import Group Members.

In the modal window insert the link with a group ID, like on the screenshot. Just copy and paste the Linkedin link, when you are on a group page.

Run Import!

Scraping should be started immediately after creating a group in the Scrupp

You are able to see all progress on a page and launch and pause the export process there.


No sense to wait until all members will be scraped from the group. cause it can be a long process. 

I suggest switching to creating a boolean search, to filter all prospects we are interested in.

When you click on the group title in the Scrupp you will see all members, who already got scraped and in a database. Ok, a batch of people already exported, let's start to create a boolean search!


How to Find needed people by boolean search and enrich data in Scrupp.



In this search field, you can use technics of boolean search like a regular Linkedin boolean search. 

You can check the syntax in the notification below the search input or read the full guide How to use the boolean search on Linkedin?


How to export filtered lists and connects with auditory.

Let's imagine that we filtered some interesting group members and want to export them. 

Click the Export button on a Scrupp group page and select the existing aggregator or create a new one.

When contacts are exported to the aggregator, you can enrich the data to use additional filters and full data about contact.

On the aggregator view page you will see how many contacts need to be updated or enriched.

If you use a regular Linkedin account you can view 100+ profiles per day. You can set limits in Settings for each account.


You can use different accounts to enrich data, just log in to Linkedin and run enrichment again.

If your account has a Premium subscription or Sales Navigator, you can enrich up to 5000 contacts.

When you run Enrichment, the Scrupp takes all data about contacts, need to be updated, and after that, you are able to start selecting the right contacts for your business.


After that, additional filters will be available for you, to find the right people without researching ton of data.


Free messages to Group Members.

The main reason, why we make all these actions are free messages to the group members, even if you are in a second or third contact with them.

As we know we have a quite small amount of connection requests and even if we have Premium membership,  In-mails are limited and have some cons in the sales process.


So, How to send a free message to a target group member?

If you open the prospect profile page, you can't send free messages to him, you will see regular Connection requests and paid In-Mail buttons.

You have a couple of methods to send messages to group members.

If you use any automation tools, you can export all contacts from Scrupp and use Linkedin profile identificators there, to send messages and create sequences.

If you want to send a message manually, go to a group members page, on the right corner you will see the search input. Here you can search for members by first and last name.



Copy prospect name in Scrupp and paste to search section, and then click the "Message" button.

And that's it. You can send unlimited messages for free!


As you can see, there are some free methods to reach people on Linkedin and save paid In-mails and valuable Connection Requests.

If you are growing your business on Linkedin you should try this method and estimate all achievements of this!

Author: Valeria / Updated 16 june