The Complete Guide to Cold Outreach via Multiple Channels

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For sales representatives and SDRs, multichannel cold outreach is becoming more and more common.

How come? Everything is explained in this post. Let's begin straight away.

What is the definition of multichannel Cold Outreach?

The technique of reaching out to leads via many platforms is known as multichannel outreach. A multichannel cold outreach strategy can involve starting with emails, moving on to LinkedIn messaging, and then, if necessary, trying to reach your lead by phone. Why multi-channel approach is better than the single-channel approach?

For three reasons, multichannel campaigns outperform single-channel campaigns:

1. Using many channels will help you come off as less aggressive

2. 80% of the emails from your prospects will never be found

3. Prospects value the effort of changing channels

1. Using many channels will help you come off as less aggressive

When you follow up on the same channels more than three times in a row. Your approach begins to appear pushy to your prospects.

Nobody likes being harassed by strangers, especially when their messages are impersonal.

On the other hand, if you increase the number of touchpoints and switch channels while following up, your follow-up messages will appear to be a completely different conversation.

This gives your strategy a "new start" and forces your prospects to thoroughly rethink your offer because they could not even recall that you ever sent them an email.

2. 80% of the emails from your prospects will never be found

You'll give up on leads without emails if you simply concentrate on cold emails. It's unfortunate because the reason you included these leads in your list in the first place was that you believed they might become clients.

70% to 80% of the emails on your lead list will often be found using email finders. 20% of your leads cannot be abandoned each time a prospecting campaign is launched.

This issue is immediately resolved by delivering leads without emails into LinkedIn message sequences while using multichannel cold outreach.

If you can't locate your leads' emails, LinkedIn is a very effective alternative.

3. Prospects value the effort of changing channels

Your prospects appreciate the fact that you took the time to conduct research and change channels.

By doing so, you distinguish yourself from the competition by going above and beyond to reach out to your prospect.

I've discovered that this creates a sense of debt in the minds of your prospects. When someone goes out of their way to contact you, you feel like their efforts should be recognized and rewarded with a response.

The various channels you might employ for cold outreach

You can utilize the following 4 channels for cold outreach:

  1. Email
  2. Linkedin
  3. Cold Calling
  4. Twitter

1. Email

The most prevalent prospecting channel is email. It's simple to set up and scale, with the ability to send up to 200 emails every day and per email address.

You will never find 100% of your leads' email addresses, therefore you must collect them nonetheless. For spam prevention, you should also be concerned with deliverability.

2. LinkedIn

The second most used prospecting channel is LinkedIn. Sending connection requests or Inmails will let you get in touch with others.

Since every LinkedIn profile is viewable by the general public, you may easily get in touch with your leads on LinkedIn if they have one.

However, you must first get your leads to approve your connection request in order to be able to send messages. The sole disadvantage of email, where you can access your inbox immediately, is this.

Sales Navigator is the greatest tool for using LinkedIn to create a lead list.

3. Cold Calling

If your target does not respond to your emails or LinkedIn messages, you should try to obtain their phone and address them cold.

The benefit of incorporating cold calling into multichannel processes is that you can reference your email and LinkedIn messages during the call.

You won't appear as a stranger this way. The prospect's failure to respond to your communication gives you another cause to contact them.

4. Twitter

Twitter may not be the most popular B2B prospecting platform, but a lot of individuals use it to post and access B2B information.

The good news is that compared to email and LinkedIn inboxes, Twitter inboxes are much less clogged. You might stand out and receive a lot of responses.

If any of your target consumers use Twitter, it would be worthwhile to give it a shot.

How Can You Make the Most of Multichannel Cold Outreach?

Here are some tips for making the most of multichannel cold outreach:

1. Make use of a reliable multichannel cold outreach tool

2. Retrieve emails and Linkedin URLs from Linkedin

3. Make your messages unique

4. Always begin with emails

5. Get your emails and LinkedIn account ready

6. Maintain a record of all interactions in your CRM

1. Make use of a reliable multichannel cold outreach tool

There are already an increasing number of tools that make it possible to create multichannel cold outreach segments:

  • - Lemlist
  • - Expandi
  • - Waalaxy
  • - LGM
  • - And others…

I prefer LGM because their sequence builder is very visual and the outcome is really robust. If your outreach tool is not technically sound, your prospecting campaigns can soon devolve into shambles, and LGM never fails.

2. Retrieve emails and Linkedin URLs from LinkedIn

You'll need lead lists to launch your initial multichannel outreach initiatives. The simplest way to accomplish this is to utilize Linkedin Sales Navigator + Scrupp.

3 steps:

1. Create a lead list in Sales Navigator.

2. Using Scrupp, extract the data into a CSV file (including LinkedIn URL)

3. Locate the email with Scrupp

Once your lead list has been supplemented with professional emails, you may import it into your preferred outreach platform.

3. Make your messages unique

If you don't improve the copywriting of your messages, even with thousands of leads and the best outreach tool in the world, you won't be able to set up appointments with qualified prospects.

Your messages should be: 

1. Brief

2. Created for a certain person

3. Having a distinct proposition value

4. Always begin with emails

Always begin your multichannel cold outreach campaign by sending as many of the following: 

  • - 150–200 emails each day
  • - 100–200 LinkedIn connection requests each week
  • - 50 inbox messages each month

You may observe that Inmails and LinkedIn connection requests are limited. So, you don't want to squander them.

As a result, it's best to save them for leads without email addresses and leads who don't respond to your emails.

5. Get your emails and LinkedIn account ready

If you are new to B2B prospecting, you should first warm up your email and LinkedIn accounts.

If you start sending a lot of messages right once, your emails may end up in spam and your LinkedIn account may be blocked.

To warm up your emails, you can utilize a service like Mailreach, which is extremely effective in preventing spam when you begin sending cold emails with a fresh domain.

There is no need to purchase any service to warm up your LinkedIn accounts. If your LinkedIn account is inactive, send a few connection requests and letters every day for two weeks before beginning any programming. As the days pass, you can steadily increase the amount of requests you send.

6. Maintain a record of all interactions in your CRM

When you conduct multichannel cold outreach efforts, you must have a central location where you can concentrate all of your interactions with prospects. Otherwise, it will be difficult to remember who responded and where. To address this issue, LGM provides the option of connecting their tool with your CRM.

If you don't have a CRM, they will integrate your email and LinkedIn inboxes with their application so you can keep track of all your interactions with your leads. In addition, LGM makes it simple to link all of your salespeople's accounts and monitor all of the responses to your campaigns in one location if you have a sales staff.

Now that you have multichannel cold outreach down pat, it's time to advance your outbound sales procedure.

TIP TO REMEMBER: If you are sending a lot of emails and you are aware that your campaigns are effective. To improve deliverability, it could be a good idea to turn off your email tracking software. In fact, email servers may find the tracking tags in your emails and reduce their delivery.

Author: Valeria / Updated 24 may