What is the cost of LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn offers 4 distinct premium plans:

  1. The LinkedIn Premium Career page for job seekers.
  2. The networking platform LinkedIn Premium Business.
  3. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which helps to produce sales leads.
  4. The LinkedIn Recruiter to locate employment candidates.

Everything regarding the pricing and features of a LinkedIn Premium subscription is covered in this article.

Pricing for LinkedIn Premium

  1. Linkedin Premium Career: $29.99 per month
  2. Linkedin Premium Business: $59.99 per month
  3. Linkedin Sales Navigator: $99.99 per month
  4. Linkedin Recruiter: $180 per month

LinkedIn Premium Career: $29.99 per month

If you pay annually, Linkedin Premium Career costs $239 or $29.99 each month.

You may find a job more quickly with Linkedin Premium Career. According to LinkedIn, job candidates with Premium Career are recruited on average 2X as quickly

Premium Career LinkedIn benefits

LinkedIn Premium Career has the following benefits:

  1. 5 monthly inmail messages
  2. View the last 90 people who viewed your profile.
  3. Availability of Open Profiles
  4. Employment and candidate insights
  5. Job referrals from the best applicants
  6. Business insights
  7. Salary info
  8. 16,000+ Courses on LinkedIn Learning
  9. Complete access to resources for interview preparation
LinkedIn Premium Career Mode

LinkedIn Premium Business: $59.99 per month

If you choose to pay annually, Linkedin Premium Business costs $575.88 instead of $59.99 each month.

LinkedIn Premium Business is designed for salespeople who want to use the platform to create leads.

Premium Business LinkedIn benefits

By providing all the features in LinkedIn Premium Career as well as the following features, LinkedIn Premium Business claims to aid in business growth on a bigger scale:

- Monthly InMails of 15

- Unrestricted User Browsing

LinkedIn Premium Business Mode

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: $99.99 per month

The monthly cost of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is $99.99; the annual cost is $948.

Using data from LinkedIn's network to gather all the details necessary to identify and engage with leads, LinkedIn Sales Navigator assists sales representatives in finding and developing connections with potential customers more accurately. 

Filters in LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The benefits of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

  1. Free and open person & company searches
  2. Every month you get 50 InMail credits.
  3. Access up to 2500 results
  4. Extensive search filters
  5. Establishing lead & account lists
  6. Lead and account activity notifications
  7. Using saved searches to automate lead generation

Sales Navigator allows you to export leads to CSV and Excel files, however, you cannot do this with other functions. Nevertheless, you needn't worry because you can obtain the data via a third-party Linkedin scraper chrome extension like Scrupp.

There are three options available on LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

- Sales Navigator Core

- Sales Navigator Advanced

- Sales Navigator Advanced Plus

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite: $180 per month

When paid yearly, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite costs $1.480 or $180 per month.

The purpose of LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is to assist recruiters and hiring managers in locating applicants on LinkedIn. 

Filters in LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

Linkedin Recruiter Lite has the following features:

  1. 30 monthly Inmails credits
  2. Improved applicant search filters
  3. Using CRM to monitor the applicant pipeline
  4. Candidates' suggestions
  5. Automating sourcing using saved searches
  6. From the platform, create and manage job postings
  7. Analytics for InMails and job advertisements

Additionally, LinkedIn Recruiter provides a more paid membership (simply named Linkedin Recruiter). It costs $835 a month, or $8,999 per year if you pay annually, and includes even more features to find the best prospects.

Is it worthwhile to pay for LinkedIn Premium?

Depending on what kind of LinkedIn Premium Plan you mean:

- There is no value in subscribing to LinkedIn Premium Career.

- LinkedIn Premium Business is not worth the money.

- Worth purchasing LinkedIn Sales Navigator

- LinkedIn Recruiter is worthwhile to buy.

This section addresses the most frequently asked questions about LinkedIn Premium Subscription.

There is no value in subscribing to LinkedIn Premium Career

The features they provide will not have an important impact on your search. You do not have to pay anything if you are looking for work. There are numerous job postings on LinkedIn that you may apply to for free.

LinkedIn Premium Business is not worth the money

It is not worth it to pay $59 for just 15 Inmails and endless searches. Choose Sales Navigator instead. For an extra $40/month, you'll get far more value.

Worth purchasing LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you work in sales, this application will help you produce qualified lead lists in a matter of seconds. In comparison to the default, the Sales Navigator search engine is far more robust. 

LinkedIn Recruiter is worthwhile to buy

If you work in sales, this application will help you produce qualified lead lists in a matter of seconds. In comparison to the default, the Sales Navigator search engine is far more robust.

Author: Igor V.