How to find open profile on LinkedIn?


What does Open Profile mean on Linkedin? 

Any member of Linkedin can send you a message Absolutely FREE by using the account setting known as "Open Profile."

It can only be enabled if you have a premium account, but free and paid members can send messages without paying for them. 


It functions exactly like an In-Mail, only it's free. 

Let's discuss how to recognize an Open Profile, make it available on your account, and a few advantages of the setting. 


How to find an open profile on Linkedin? 

However, this process cannot be automated. You must manually verify their profile to see if they have an Open Profile after looking at your list of leads. Even if they haven't yet accepted your LinkedIn invitation, this gives you another opportunity to connect with potential. 

However, this has a positive side as well. 

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can create a list of individuals with the tag "Open Profile" to take this a step further. Automation for LinkedIn messages enters the picture at this point. Since you can add automation to the mix once you have a collection of stored LinkedIn profiles

You should save your list of leads with open LinkedIn profiles under a spreadsheet once you have one. 


Steps You may use the Assignment filter in Scrupp to locate leads with Open Profiles and Open InMails:

Scrupp is a LinkedIn sales navigator extension to extract emails from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.

 1. Create a standard search on Sales Navigator or 

2. Your search results will be imported into Scrupp’s searches. 

3. When the search is finished, click the list. to see the findings: 

4. Select the Assignment filter under Filters, then click Show Open Inmail. 

5. From your reach results, you'll get a list of folks who can accept Open InMail messages. 

6. Create a tag called "Open InMail" by clicking on Actions, then check and tag every person on this list 

7. You can ensure that everyone with an Open Profile is in the appropriate campaign in this way.

 8. Return to Filter and select Filter on tags. 


How An Open LinkedIn Profile Can Help You To Generate Leads? 

This is primarily due to two factors: 

 It's simpler to connect with individuals if you have an Open Profile if you frequently use LinkedIn outreach marketing. You are not required to initiate connection requests and then wait for them to accept them. 

 An Open Profile is beneficial for link-building as well. 

Leads will inevitably find their way to your profile if you create a lot of material and have a large following on the network. 

Additionally, if you possess an Open Profile, they are more likely to message you directly if they have any questions about your job

Benefits Of Open Profiles As the message's recipient: Open Profile makes it possible for any Linkedin user to get in touch with you directly. 

This simplicity of communication may open up more possibilities. Additionally, since Open Profile is not a search option, spammers cannot misuse it. 


As the message sender: You can send a free InMail when a person on your ultimately decided has an open profile. If they do not accept your connection request, it also adds another touchpoint to the campaign. 

The Negative Aspects Of Open Profile It's a condensed list. Even if you disconnect from the person who is spamming you, they can still message you. Either block them or keep requesting that they cease. When you first receive a message as an Open Profile message thread (meaning you are not connected) and then connect, communication may become difficult or confusing due to the various inbox threads. 

Reasons You Need To Open Your LinkedIn Profile If you have an Open Profile on LinkedIn, anyone can send you an arbitrary free message. As you're going to learn, this is a positive development. The following is a list of the benefits of having this open profile enabled. 


Networking Opportunities With an open profile, more individuals can get in touch with you, increasing your chances of making networking and key business contacts. The majority of individuals won't take the effort to look up your contact details. 

As a result, when someone contacts you directly through LinkedIn, you will receive more pertinent messages and establish significant relationships. Furthermore, a user may have reached their limit for LinkedIn connections and be unable to accept connection requests. 

They can easily message you directly if you have an open profile. 

Faster Outreach Process As was already discussed, having an Open Profile makes it easier to contact people. You won't need to email them again, send an In-Mail, or leave a comment on their blog post if you're producing leads. 

All of that is still possible, though, if your personal message is ignored. In either case, having an Open Profile on LinkedIn indicates that a user engages in a lot of outbound marketing or is receptive to messages from potential connections. 

An Open Profile might be the icing on the cake for a LinkedIn profile that has been optimized. You should enable an Open Profile once you have optimized your LinkedIn URL, cover photo, profile picture, title, description, work experience, and other pertinent areas.


 Shows You Are Open To Connect However if someone made a special effort to activate an Open Profile on LinkedIn, odds are good that they're open to communication and won't mind a chilly message.

So check to see if someone has an Open Profile before reaching out to them. If so, don't worry too much; they'll certainly read what you've written. 


If you possess an Open Profile, in the meanwhile, welcome any unexpected messages because they can result in extra sales. 



I wish this LinkedIn open profile tutorial proved useful. It's a great idea to have your profile available on LinkedIn if you're serious about getting leads there. You will need to actively engage in outreach, though, if you want to make the most of the platform. 

This will broaden your audience and enable you to reach more potential customers. And LinkedIn automation is one of the greatest and most effective ways to do this. As a result, you will save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on manual duties like drafting follow-ups.

Author: Valeria / Updated 24 may