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How much does it cost?

Linkedin and Sales Navigator export from 29$. Also, you can buy email credits to use in your sales campaigns. Check the prices here.

How to export leads from Sales Navigator?

Sales Navigator allows you to find prospects by a batch of different criteria. After filtering and finding your target group you can export it with one click. Scrupp does all the work of extracting, cleaning, and enriching your Sales leads.

How many leads can I extract?

You can extract up to 5000 leads/day.

Does Scrupp work with basic Linkedin?

Yes, but export limited up to 100 leads per day.

Can I connect several Linkedin accounts?

Yes, you can connect unlimited amount of accounts.

How much time does the extraction take?

Scrupp is the fastest scraper on the market. Scraping of 2500 leads can take up to 10 minutes and this is completely safe.

Is Scrupp GDPR compliant?

Yes, Scrupp is GDPR compliant. We provide live data from the web and don't use external databases or personal user data.

Is it safe for my LinkedIn Account to use Scrupp?

Yes. Our Linkedin Sales Navigator Scraper strictly respects daily limitations imposed by LinkedIn. You are within the threshold like any other user.

Do you find email addresses?

Yes. Scrupp find professional verified email addresses.

How long does the free trial last?

You get 300 exports / 50 Email credits to try Scrupp.

How do I receive the results of my extraction?

A CSV file containing the results is directly sent to your email. You can also download the results within the platform.